Every Wife’s Unspoken Dilemma: The Constant Battle Of Playing Second Fiddle To A Car

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Ask us women what we think of the relationship the men in our lives have with their cars and I’m telling you, you’re in for an earful. Given the chance I am sure they will be more than happy to spend the entire weekend attending to everything and more there is to take care in the car.

One week they are running for the insurance, next they are worried about the tinniest scratch that is barely visible and has endless ‘’man talk’’ about what the best fuel is over dinner when friends come over. I supposes they are attached to their car as much as we would be attached to doing something we like too but at most times their level of concentration and involvement is absurd and can stretch from dawn to dusk if we were not to constantly update them.

It is funny how the novelty of a relationship wears off but this constant need to look in to the car never gets old. Yes I’m aware of the fact that I sound like a crazy woman but I’d rather be though to be completely ‘’cuckoo’’ by a bunch of strangers than my husband who I have to spend the rest of my remaining life with.Have you noticed how they absolutely have to go to their specific mechanic Surrey Hills no matter what? My husband drives me crazy with how obsessed he is with him and his regular barber. It is absurd how the family’s plans are moved to fit either one of them to the schedule and I can see that this is driving the kids mad too.

He has been going to his mechanic for the past ten years and I feel that it is a relationship based not only because of the convince of him being located close to our neighbourhood but about the trust and friendship they have built over the years , we have changed two cars since then and there are many times that ‘’rob’’ our car person, has personally called over at the house while hubby is away on business so I suppose it is good to have somebody that we can trust not only with our wheels but the specifics of our family too. Ranging from the regular oil changes and tune ups to the near death experience we had with our previous car, Rob has been with us through it all and though I continuously debate about his existence in my head and occasionally with my husband , I am glad we have somebody we can count on.